Wednesday, March 21

December 20, 2011 Construction

More outside work. Soon the weather will be cold and they can work inside. Moving along pretty quickly.
Back Entrance
The Back Entrance
Back The Back of the House – you couldn’t get me to stand on that roof!
Chandelier Lift Chandelier Lift – this is pretty cool. If you need to change a light blub just lower the fixture!
Down to Front
Looking Down to the Front Door
Sliding Drywall Through the Window
Elevator Up
Elevator Shaft – Up Up and Away!
First Coat Insulatuion
First Coat
First Floor
First Floor – Kitchen, Breakfast Nook, and Family Room
Flashing Flashing
Front of House – Left of Front Door
Garage with Attic
Wired Wire Wire Everywhere – I hope he knows where they all go!
Hooked Up
All Hooked Up and Ready to Go
Hooking up Power
We Have the Power!
lighted Facilities
The Portable Facilities Decked Out for the Holidays
More Digging for…….
Septic Tank
…….the Septic Tank!

Thursday, March 15

November 13, 2011 Construction

More construction outside before the weather turns cold!

Back View
Back View
Brick Layers
Brick Layers
Busy Day
Busy Busy Day
Front View
Front View
Install Windows
Installing Windows
The Mechanicals
Porch Posts
Digging Porch Posts
Roofers doing Roofing Stuff
Side View
Side View